North Creek Resort at Blue – Pool Usage Rules

North Creek Resort at Blue Pool Usage Rules Related to COVID 19

As ordered by the Ontario Ministry of Health


1. The capacity in the pool area is 10 people in total. This includes swimmers and deck lounging.

2. There is a 1-hour time limit per guest(s) on each pool visit due to the following:

* Anything over a 1-hour visit means we must provide washrooms and additional staff for disinfecting after each use therefore washrooms and changerooms remain closed at this time. Patrons will be asked to use their units for facilities.

* From a corporation standpoint, given the strict low capacity, we wish to create a schedule that allows fair use of the pool for all owners & guests.

3. New pool hours are 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, 7 days a week.

4. The hot tub is too small to ensure proper distancing according to the health inspector therefore the hot tub is closed at this time.

5. No NCR pool deck furniture is allowed. Guests can bring their own chair however all belongings must be removed upon leaving the pool area. Nothing can be left behind.

6. No furniture or people on the lower cement pool area. Patrons must be contained on upper wooden decks.

7. A supervisor must be on-site to monitor the capacity and time limit.

8. A supervisor station is to be placed at a single point of entry. The front iron gate and gatehouse entrances will be locked. The single entrance will be at Building #2.

9. The supervisor will be provided with a table, chair, and umbrella for the 8-hour shift with access to the gatehouse washroom during their shift.

10. All visitors will be given the rules upon entering.

11. A 7-foot distance between people or groups from one household is required. The 7-foot spacing will be marked on the deck using a stencil.

12. Shore to Slope staff are ensuring the hot tub is closed off securely and changing the fence line to make the emergency phone accessible.

13. These rules are in place until further notice from the Ministry of Health.

We kindly ask that you plan accordingly, and respect the rules ordered by the Ministry of Health. They are in place to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of other guests.

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