Contactless Check-In



Our check-in process is, and has always been, a contactless process which makes it the fastest check-in process available. 

Our well established contactless process can be completed on any device with an internet connecting and is encrypted with bank level security, making it safe as well as fast. 

When you make your reservation you will received a confirmation email from us and a separate message containing a secure link to launch the check-in process.  If you have any difficulties with the link copy and paste it into a new browser window, ensure you copy the entire string of numbers and letters.

Once completed you will also be given access to a number of additional resources including maps of the parking and helpful information about the property.

When we developed on contactless process we never imagined COVID 19 would happen. Now that it has, you can rest assured knowing that our process has been well tested and with hundreds of guest having already utilized it you can be confident that it is safe, secure and easy to complete.

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